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About Bob

A professional career spanning several decades, a global business emphasis, experience with new and established firms, delivering superior contributions and providing strategic insights across various legacy technology and emerging market segments. A proven ability to see beyond the horizon, quickly assimilate new requirements, evaluate competitive situations and business ideas, and then provide actionable plans to traverse the field ahead and not get lost in the landscape.

Executive operations management expertise across mobile, enterprise, and telecommunications businesses, including complex cryptography technologies and advanced encyption key management software development.  Comfortable leading "1st day" startup teams of 2-3 principals to leading globally dispersed multiple division product development teams of 500+ engineers. 

Thrives on challenges most others shy away from.  At IBM and Cisco Systems, led CritSit teams and resolved problems that no one thought could be solved. Assigned by senior executives to high business impact situations in the U.S, China, Japan, and Latin America, interfacing with local support teams, partners, customer executives, and government leaders.

The synergy of an MBA from UC Davis and B.A. Anthropology, combined with years of deep and diverse technology expertise, is an invaluable asset in viewing the future technology landscape and identifying innovative opportunities while managing the diversity of labor and cultural considerations.

Recent Engagement

CEO Fornetix: Responsible for all aspects of business strategy and planning, technology development, business development, sales and marketing, management of the organization and with full P&L responsibility. Responsible for facilitating equity financing through strategy, planning and execution

Led the team from inception to first product commercial availability in 18 months, brought the concept of an advanced encryption key management system to market and delivered the Key Orchestration product solution, established supply-chain partnerships for global “build to ship” product distribution. Grew the company from 8 to 30+ team members, delivered the Key Orchestration product on multiple FIPS secure appliance platforms. Secured over $8M in financing with increased valuation to $55M, and closed a strategic global customer relationship. Gained Fornetix industry recognition as an emerging player in the encryption KMS space; established partnerships with Fortune 500 firms, three global encryption KMS providers and the industry leader of IoT embedded systems, and added four industry associations focusing on security, storage, automotive, and telecom solutions.

RSA 2015 Fornetix

RSA 2015 Richard Stiennon Interview