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Quite often companies want to augment their existing staff with additional expertise and manpower. They want to explore new business opportunities or technology areas without making major financial or organizational commitments. Companies gain the benefits of deep technical engineering, strategic solutions development, and acute customer sales and support expertise. I have delineated my engagement services by Consulting and Solutions Development activities.


Consulting services have specifically defined tasks and objectives. The most effective consulting projects tend to spanned 6-12 months. When a company ventures into a new area or wants to develop a prototype, they often are unsure of the exact activities required to meet their objectives. Projects of 6-12 months provide an optimum period for discovery, refinement, and allow for fulfillment of the initial project objectives.

There are circumstances where a consulting project of less than 6 months can provide valuable and actionable outcomes.

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Solutions Development

These types of engagements have broader business impact and demand more strategic market research, critical analysis, organizational readiness assessment, solution development and GoToMarket planning.

A 12-24 month solutions development project may seem to some as an aggressive schedule; however, with agile development techniques, concentrated activities and executive commitment, this period is reasonable and offers the highest probability of successful payback.

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