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Robert Guimarin

Seasoned business creation specialist and alliance driven executive with extensive information technology, cloud/enterprise security, critical infrastructure and product development experience. Serial entrepreneur and early stage venture professional promoting emerging technology and cybersecurity solutions in Cloud, IoT, Mobile, critical infrastructure, electric vehicles, energy storage, and the emerging real-time economy.

Competencies & Expertise

Technology & Innovation


Management & Leadership


Operations & Financial


Business & Strategy


Security Solutions
Advanced Cryptography
Unified Threat Management

R&D Software, Hardware &
Integrated Solutions

Software Operations &
Organization Management

Business Development
Sales Enablement

Identity Management
Federated Identity
Multi-Factor Authentication


Executive Relationships
Partner Development
& Alliance Management


IT Security Operations
Monitor, Respond, & Report
Change Management


Strategic Planning
M&A Business &
Technology Evaluation


Network Architecture, Design Development, Installation, Configuration, Optimization
and Care


Global Team Leader
Multi-Cultural Awareness


Efficiency, Cost Containment
& Reduction


Customer, Partner & Vendor Interface and Relationship Management


Mobile Device Management
BYOD Applications
Universal Access Control


Project Planning &
Operational Execution


Problem Anticipating &


Market Research
Technology Evaluation
Competitive Analysis


ICT & SCADA Integration
Legacy to Cloud Migration


Program & Product

P&L, Forecast and Budget Management



Performance & Optimization
Edge Gateways Solutions


Team Building & Mentoring




Check out Technical Information a list of security information & resources.